Metal packaging can production and processing, tin can strong oxidation resistance

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Metal packaging container products are important for canned food, a variety of drinks, wine, medicine, oil chemical, petroleum products and cosmetics and other related industries supporting services. China's metal packaging industry after 30 years of reform and development, has now formed a complete metal packaging industry system including printing tin, two cans, steel barrels, bottle caps, aerosol cans as one of the main types of packaging industry in China. Metal packaging industry annual sales of more than 5 million yuan, there are a total of 555 enterprises of a certain size, reflecting the state, the three capital, the private position of the layout. In recent years, the rapid progress of private enterprises, some have formed a certain scale of enterprise collective, but from the whole industry, small and medium-sized enterprises account for more than 90%, small and scattered, small and complete scene has not been basically dealt with, the mission of industrial intensive integration is still onerous. Metal packaging enterprises all over the region situation: more than 70% of the enterprises all over the Pearl River Delta (Guangzhou, Zhuhai, Shenzhen, Hainan), Yangtze River Delta (Jiang, Zhejiang, Shanghai) and The Beijing-Tianjin-Tang-Bohai Bay economic zone. In addition, Sichuan, Fujian and Shandong led the development of metal packaging by relying on the advantages of deep processing of agricultural and sideline products.


Tinplate packaging containers have many advantages such as high strength, good formability and strong inclusion of products. Because of its strong oxidation resistance, and various styles, exquisite printing, tinplate packaging containers by the majority of customers love, widely used in food packaging, medicine packaging, daily necessities packaging, instrumentation packaging, industrial packaging and other aspects. Thus, in the last two centuries, the capitals have widely valued this kind of container. Is the largest amount of a metal packaging plate. Tinplate packaging is becoming more and more popular as tinplate printing techniques and processing techniques are constantly improved and perfected. With the increase of domestic tinplate production strength, tinplate import will gradually reduce, soon can be self-sufficient, but local advanced products still need a small amount of import. Since tinplate came into being, it has been developing towards the direction of thinning. One is to use less tin, or even no tin, one is to thin the tinplate thickness. The goal is to get used to changes in canning products and reduce the cost of canning. Packaging tin can not be used in ordinary tin, because not only wasteful, let alone difficult to obtain profits. According to the different request of packaging industry, the thickness of tinplate data, tin plating amount, mechanical function and so on have different needs, making tinplate for packaging container will be a direction of the development of iron and steel industry.


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